Paula Frew Art


I always had an interest in oil painting but gave up when I had a young family. Having not painted for many years I started with a watercolour course at Richmond School of Art and then did several drawing and life classes at Roehampton. I started painting in oils again about eight years ago. At the moment I paint regularly with guidance from the excellent Alex MacFaul with whom I started painting at Richmond School of Art.

I am interested in painting local scenes and seascapes, in light, shadow and reflections and will always include some sign of human or animal life in a painting, if possible. I tend to paint from my own photographs, at home, in my kitchen.

All of the paintings on this website are oils, either on canvas or on canvas board. Some are framed but can be sold framed or unframed. The starting price is £300. Please contact the artist on for further information.

Photo of Paula